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INR.160 ($4USD Outside India)
Best for CBSE; IGCSE; CAMBRIDGE; IB; Indian State Boards; with study Material
Combination sounds of Vowels with Consonants
INR.150 ($0USD Outside India)
It develops listening skills and eye to brain link. USE IT AND SEE THE DIFFERENCE IN YOUR CHILD.
Phonetics Sounds
INR.150 ($2USD Outside India)
Alphabets & Phonetics Sounds A to Z .
INR.140 ($3USD Outside India)
Best for understand basic Concept. Stress given on R.D.Sharma.MORE THAN SUFFICIENT FOR CBSE or any other National or INTERNATIONAL BOARD.
Class- XI--Straight Line Theory
INR.150 ($4USD Outside India)
Detail Theory Lecture. Best Covered for CBSE / Any State Board / Any International Board
IX--Laws of Motion (Force)
INR.150 ($3USD Outside India)
Laws of Motion for IX CBSE; IB; IGCSE; CAMBRIDGE & other States Board
Phonetic Sounds
INR.100 ($0USD Outside India)
Very Helpful for understanding Alphabets and help in reading for Beginners.
INR.120 ($2USD Outside India)
Best for CBSE & Other Boards
Alphabets A to Z
INR.40 ($0USD Outside India)
XI--Complex Number-Theory
INR.160 ($4USD Outside India)
Detailed Theory for CBSE and JEE-Mains
XI-Trigonometric angles & relation
INR.100 ($2USD Outside India)
Best for CBSE, Entrance & other boards
INR.30 ($1USD Outside India)
XI--Trigonometric Equations Applications
INR.120 ($3USD Outside India)
Trigonometric Equations Applications for CBSE & JEE
XI--Trigonometric Basic Theory
INR.170 ($4USD Outside India)
Trigonometric Basic Theory & Applications for CBSE & JEE
Class-X-Physics--Reflection of Light
INR.160 ($5USD Outside India)
Best for CBSE; IB; IGCSE; CAMBRIDGE; Indian State Boards with Study Material.
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